Limiting the audience for RSS posts

The problem with RSS and feeds I like RSS as a concept, but, where I've seen it used, it's always felt like it's missing one thing; the ability to dynamically limit the audience of some posts. This isn't an inherent problem in RSS, but more how it's been used as an all-or-nothing syndication method. While... Continue Reading →

Feedback – Take it, but also rate it.

Something I've seen over the (several) years I've been working in tech is a lack of understanding that feedback has differing levels of value. Sometimes this goes to the extremes of feedback that's ignored because it's come from a person or group which has consistently provided low value feedback, or groups which don't get a... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Zero Bitcoin “Wallet”

A few weeks ago I tweeted to see if anyone had put a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a PaPiRus eInk display together to make a Bitcoin Wallet. Unfortunately there were no responses, so I thought I'd see what I could do.... fortunately the answer was quite a lot... First off the warning; This setup... Continue Reading →

Importing Devices

I've often wondered if people who recommend importing devices which are only available in specific countries realise it's a self-defeating practice. Companies monitor sales through channels, they don't know where the end customers are. So if, for example, there's a product only available in US, and you buy it from a US-based supplier, the company... Continue Reading →

Google Play Edition Devices

So in the last couple of months Google have released the Google Play Edition HTC One, the PE Samsung S4, Nexus 7 (2013 edition), ChromeCast, and the MotoX all only in the US, adding to +Google Glass's continued US-only availability. If you go beyond hardware there's things like Voice, All Access Music, and I'm sure... Continue Reading →

Leaving OUYA

Nearly 8 months ago I met with a few software engineers working from some rented desks in San Francisco. They were the +OUYA engineering team. We talked, they took me through their interview process. I also had a meeting with Julie Uhrman, after which I went from being a believer that it could happen to... Continue Reading →

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