Threes’ “upgrade” to Turbo Broadband

In the last few weeks the area I live in has received an “upgrade” to Threes’ Turbo broadband service from it’s normal 3G service. This is suppose to be a good thing because it would offer more speed, but alas reality is not what Three would have you beleive.

Since the “upgrade” the connection has been unreliable to put it politely. The connection drops out at random intervals and this can be part of the way through downloading email, pulling up a web page, or anything.  Now with a cellular connection dropouts will happen, but when the connection drops out more than five times when trying to download a 20 megabyte file you’re talking about something which becomes unusable.

If you try phoning Threes broadband support line you get put through to a call center who will only offer solutions which would affect you if you have problems connecting in the first place. They’ll then try to do a coverage check, but, because I live in a newly built house, they can’t find the post code (despite sending bills here for the past two months), they then say they can’t do anything without a coverage check, and the conversation ends.

So I now have an “upgraded” broadband service thats so unreliable that it’s barely usable, and Three now have a letter saying they have a month to fix it or I’ll end the contract and my direct debit due to them not providing the service as offered.

Update : After several complaints to Three I sent a letter to them via registered post saying that unless the service was fixed in 28 days I would withhold payment until the service was improved. A week after sending the letter the signal strength doubled and my problems went away.

(As a side note, if you want to tell if you’re experincing something similar, if you have the E220 modem Three sell you can see the type of connection you have by the colour of the light, if it’s blue your on 3G, if it’s cyan your on turbo, and if the light goes out then your connection had been lost).

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  1. Anyone considering buying 3/Three mobile broadband, this is a warning to you.
    Based on my experience and the experience of a group of friends that at about the same time signed up for three broadband in the UK.
    While Three broadband does work at an acceptable level in some parts of the country, in London where most business users are it appears over subscribed.
    As a result even when you do eventually get connected with a good signal ( and that can take several hours) the transfer rate is appalling (usually around 5 k bytes per second, which is the same as a dial up modem, and about 10% of basic broadband speed, and only 2% of what its advertised to be capable of).
    If you have not realised this in your first 7 days then three operates a policy of NO CONTRACT TERMINATION. Without the full period of the contract being payable.
    There call centre in India is very polite, however they don’t actually do anything other than solve windows PC configuration problems.
    If you have the problem I have above, they will simply give you the run around, wasting hours of your time until you get fed up.
    They will not investigate the problem themselves, they state that it is impossible to do this.
    You will get very angry with them, and end up joining me in letting the country know how bad there product and service is.
    I cant vouch for the alternatives at this moment in time, they could be as bad, or better, but people in my office with Vodafone have a better experience, and I have sat next to people on the train home who have a signal on T mobile all the way home when I have a signal for only 20% of the journey.

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