Android on Google Glass

Did I mentioned I was told yesterday that Googlers already have some +Android apps running on +Project Glass?

I had an OMG moment when I was told that, then I remembered +Sergey Brin’s “US-only” statement, and once again I felt like a mug spending over US$2500 in flights, hotel costs, and the ticket, and, over the course of IO, spending over 21 hours on a plane for a round trip and spending a week away from my office.

Yes, I heard the “regulation issues”, but the #NexusQ given out doesn’t have EC approval (which is the EU regulatory approval) yet I was given one of those to take away. If it really was a regulatory issue (which I have a lot of doubt over) why not take declarations of interest from developers so +Google can see where the most interest is and work on getting regulatory approval in those countries?

Even after a day to think about it, and a nights sleep, refusing to even register declarations of interest still comes across to me as a “F’*#* you international developers, we only really care about the US”, and if that’s the case I’d expect to see some Glass-like products from non-Google sources appearing before the Google approved Glass devices are released in most countries in the same way we’ve seen Android based TV devices before +Google TV will appear in most countries.

The way I feel at the moment I’d be inclined to write for them, even if they run an older version of an older version of Android, because if +Project Glass is the revolutionary technology Google want us to believe then consumers will buy from other sources, and developers will write for non-Google versions if Google continues to fail to embrace those living outside the US.

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