Why anti-spam black lists are bad.

I want to make it clear that I’m not a spammer, I hate spam, and would like to find a way to banish it from the net for everyone, but black lists are just not going to make it happen, and here’s why…. I’ve recently been looking into Email and the inevitable spam problem, and have found that IP address based anti-spam real time black lists (or RBLs) are probably doing more damage than good.

Sky+ Service Menu

There is a hidden service menu on Sky+ units which gives you access to engineer functions. If you have been having problems recording using Sky+ and the screen has been reporting there is a fault it may be worth doing using the system reset option from this menu. Please Note: this WILL lose all of your previous recorded programs and your recording schedule. Once you have performed a full reset, you should wait 5 minutes before trying to use the Sky+ system.

SonyEricsson T610 Service Menu

There is a hidden service menu on the T610 which gives you access to the firmware version numbers for the components of the system. To access it use the following key combination from the “normal” screen (i.e. where you dial a number from) Move the joystick right Release the joystick (it should return to the center) Press * Move the joystick left Release the joystick (it should return to the center) Move the joystick left again Release the joystick (it should return to the center) Press * Move the joystick left Release the joystick (it should return to the center) Press * You should then see a menu with the following options;

Java Grid Processing

Many people believe that distributed (or grid based) computing has only recently been possible on home machines. This isn’t true. Java has offered the basic tools to perform distributed processing since it’s earliest days (even when it was called Oak on the *7 research system in 1992). The key piece of technology for doing this are Java Applets (or the agents from Oak). The distributed processing system detailed here is suited to tasks which involve datasets which can be broken down into small components.

Nokia 6210 & SMS commands

The following are instructions for send and receiving SMS message using a Nokia 6210 connected to a PC via the Nokia Data Cable. This should also work for Infrared connections to between the 6210 and PC, but I have not tested it. Sending SMS’s To send an SMS you can type the following. All characters you type are in bold, and all response from the Nokia 6210 are in monospace.

Steps to install VMware and the Linux kernel > 2.4.8

I encountered some problems installing VMware Express (v2.0.4 build 1133) on SuSE Linux 8.0 and RedHat Linux 7.1 & 7.2. Below are the steps I used to resolve the problem. This fix may work with later kernels (2.4.10, 2.4.11, 2.4.12,..), but I have not tested it. I have received a report from Peter Schwekendiek that this works with VMware GSX-Server 1.0.3 with Kernel 2.4.16, but it does NOT work with 2.

Steps to install Oracle 8.1.7 on RedHat Linux 7.1

Prerequisites You need to have a version of JDK 1.1.8 installed. I used the one from Blackdown.org. Steps Install the compat-glibc RPM from RedHat. Type . /usr/i386-glib21-linux/bin/i386-glibc21-linux-env.sh Type export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 Run the installer (called runInstaller in the Oracle install directory). Note: An error may occur towards the end of the install on ${ORACLE_HOME}/ctx/lib/ins_ctx.mk, to fix this I did the following;

Tiny XML Parser

ASXMLP is a J2SE / J2ME library for parsinhg XML which is small, portable, flexible, highly efficient, and has minimal requirements. The library offers both push and model views of an xml document, and typically compiles to around 6Kb of class files, making it ideal for J2ME projects, applets, or WebStart applications where code size of great concern. The parser was originally written by Al Sutton, and has been tested in Jonathan Knudsens' Parsing XML in J2ME article at developers.

KVMJab - JVM/KVM Jabber Client Library

I’ve made available a library that I’ve created which allows you to communicate via Jabber on Java Standard or Micro editions.

Jazilla featured in Wired

Wired have featured the efforts to help make a Java based version of Netscape Communicator which features a couple of quotes from me. The interview was conducted purely by Email, which is great given the timezone difference, and hopefully it’ll attract a few extra developers to work on the project.