Nokia/Microsoft WinPhone7 Developer Event

Yesterday I went to the Microsoft/Nokia Windows Phone 7 development event so I could get a feel for the platform from a developer perspective, and I came away a lot less positive about WinPhone 7. There were two speakers who presented the 4 or 5 sessions, neither was from Microsoft or Nokia, and both made glaring mistakes, one to the extent they had to start a session by apologising for what they’d said in a previous session because it was wrong (it was about how WinPhone7 manages application instances to service requests to start the same application from different live tiles, so it wasn’t exactly an obscure feature).

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Given the announcement due tomorrow I think we’re going to be looking at consumers being able to get their hands on an Ice Cream Sandwich device before developers have had a good chance to play with an SDK, which, just like the last time this happened, is pretty disappointing. There isn’t really anyone who wins from this because it creates a situation where consumers get their new shiny ‘phone only to find out that all the latest features are only supported by a few apps which are either preloaded (in the case of the G-apps), or they come across in Market by chance and are from a select few privileged developers.

Android Developer Lab Summary

Great Android Developer Lab in London, Good to talk to Richard Hyndman Nick Butcher and Sparky Rhode . Main tips from the day; Fragments are the future. If you’re writing new code use Fragments. If you don’t you’re doing it wrong. Avoid showAsAction=“always”, Ice Cream Sandwich ‘phones can have small screens and so could be limited on space for options. Most of the best apps come from teams with Developers and Designers on them.

Why I'm interested in the Amazons Tablet

I’m interested in seeing how well the Fire sells because to me it seems a good test of which consumers value more; Content or technology. The device itself is technically not stunning; It seems to be roughly equivalent to last years Galaxy Tab 7 with 8GB of storage and missing a few features (e.g. a camera). It’s also not running Honeycomb, so it doesn’t really have the geek-chic appeal of the more recent Android tablets.

HTTP MultiPart on Android

After seeing a twitter post asking about HTTP MultiPart on Android which linked to a Google Groups thread which recommended a solution which required the inclusion of multiple libraries, I thought it might be worth sharing a method I’ve used in the past which can be used reasonably easily and doesn’t require tens of kilobytes of unused library functions to be added to your app. First off you’ll need the AOSP source which can be obtained from an unofficial mirror in the absence of the primary official repository at kernel.

Droidcon UK approaching...

It’s coming to that time of year again when one of the main Android events comes around - Droidcon UK Last year I spoke about taking Android beyond ‘phones, this year I’ll be speaking about developing apps which scale well on single and multi-core devices (from single core, to dual, to quad, and beyond), which is something that’s going to become more and more important as we see more low-end single core devices, mid/high-end dual core, and top-end quad core devices come to market.

Does Google see UK developers as unimportant?

This morning Google announced a number of new developer events around the world, and, as a result of what was announced, it would appear that the UK will not see a high profile Google developer event this year, which seems odd to me. If you look at London (which most would consider the UKs' strongest candidate for an event) it’s the most populated city in Europe with over double the population of its' nearest rival (Berlin), has one of the worlds busiest international transport hubs (Heathrow Airport, the only european airport in the top 5 for passenger throughput), is home to Googles second largest engineering center outside the US (after Zurich), and if Google did fly people in from Mountain View there would be no language barrier.

Reorganising my social networks & blog

I currently use Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and this blog for interacting with other people. Each has it’s own merits and draw backs, and after thinking about how I could best use each one I’ve come up with the following plan; Twitter - This will be my most frequently used method of interacting with people. My posts will mostly be related to Android and Technology, but I may go off-topic. Reason; Twitter, due to its' 140 character limit, is easy to scan.

Why I recommended an iPhone

Why I recommended an iPhone I’m disheartened to admit that I’ve just had to recommend a current iPhone user upgrades to another iPhone instead of switching to Android. Reasons high-level reasons were; They already know iOS, so little to no learning curve. They’re a power user, not a “geek”, so availability of apps & media is probably more important than customisation. (There is no equivalent to iTunes for obtaining Movies, TV shows, and Music in one place on Android outside the US, and many main stream apps appear as iOS first releases in the UK)

Google TV in the UK

[Imported from Google+] One plug change and 15mins to setup/update, and I have a Logitech Revue Google TV working in the UK; Now all it needs is the TV schedules for the UK and a silencer for the fan… [Update 1 - Answers to some questions asked] TV Schedules are not available so search doesn’t work through them Some apps are region locked and so won’t work (e.