Google TV in the UK

[Imported from Google+] One plug change and 15mins to setup/update, and I have a Logitech Revue Google TV working in the UK; Now all it needs is the TV schedules for the UK and a silencer for the fan… [Update 1 - Answers to some questions asked] TV Schedules are not available so search doesn’t work through them Some apps are region locked and so won’t work (e.

Google/Motorola Deal opinion

[imported from Google+] I’m not convinced of the benefits of the Motorola-Google deal. Patent protection will be good for Android, but it essentially creates a preferred hardware supplier for Android who is US focused. For all that’s said, Google management has to report to shareholders who will want to see Google get the most value out of Motorola, and an easy way to do that would be give Motorola an exclusivity period on all future releases of Android.

Rumoured Android Ice Cream Sandwich Screenshots

[Imported from Google+] I’ve seen the rumoured Ice Cream Sandwich leak, couple of things make me suspicious; Kernel Version; It’s the same as the current Gingerbread AOSP build, and all of the 3 Honeycomb devices I have are based on 2.6.36 kernels, not 2.6.35, so it seems odd to me a later Android version would use an earlier kernel. Baseband version; It’s the same as the current Gingerbread release.

New market layout suggestions

[Imported from Google+] The new Android Market client recently started to roll out and looks like this; I can’t help feeling the following tweaks to the new non-US Market layout might be useful; Change the “Staff Choices” button to an “Apps” button Put “Staff Choices” where the current “Editors Choice” is Put the “Editors Choice” where they Grey featured app block is (Where the pageonce app is in the screenshot), and rename it “More Featured Apps.

Time Capsules, Data Centres, and my iCloud ....

I’ve been following the rumours around Apples' data center and WWDC announcements for a while and I can see an idea that ties them together in a way which would seem to make sense. I’m going to outline it here for those who are interested because I see it as an interesting and appealing proposition to users, and a way for Apple to further boost their hardware sales. The first part of the puzzle is the 12 Petabytes (or more) of storage Apple are rumoured to have ordered for their new mega-datacenter.

Combining my companies

I’ve been split between running two companies for the last couple of years; Enterprise Data Safe Ltd. and Funky Android Ltd., and while the two operate in different technology areas it’s been a bit tough to keep both plates in the air, so I’ve decided to buy out my co-founder in Enterprise Data Safe and combine the two. Funky Android Ltd. will be the company which exists beyond the merger, and it will honour all the existing commitments of Enterprise Data Safe, so most folk won’t notice any change.

The Amazon/? Android Eco-system

[This post builds on an exchange with Tom Riley on twitter] I’ve seen and heard a few reports about Samsung producing an Android tablet for Amazon, and, while I’ve been told things which would appear to make that very difficult for Samsung specifically, an Amazon backed Android tablet is something that I’ve seen as a distinct possibility for a while (which is why I suggested it in my talk at DroidCon London last year).

Android 'Phones.... The Next Generation?

I rarely do hardware reviews because I know most people have their own personal tastes, and not everyone will agree with what I find appealing in a device, but every now and again something comes along which I feel is a real game changer and worth mentioning, and after a few days with my latest purchase I’m beginning to think it’s a game changer. I’ve had a few Android ‘phones and they’ve all been an evolution of the earlier devices; slightly higher clock speed, more RAM, more onboard flash, but, in my view, there’s never been anything that compares to going from a single core ‘phone to a dual core phone (in my case the Optimus 2X from LG).

(Partial) Android Honeycomb Source Drop?

After checking over the Android Open Source Project repository I noticed an interesting comment in the manifests project; which made me wonder if some of the Honeycomb source code had been dropped into the AOSP repository, and, well, it looks like it may have done. [Update : Jean-Baptiste Queru from Google has confirmed there is some Honeycomb goodness in the AOSP repo which comes from the AOSP repos master branch. It’s not the “full” honeycomb, but a snapshot of master that can be used for recreating a Honeycomb build to test any future incompatibilities against]

Why I applied for a job at Google

Background [You can skip this if you’re not interested in the history of Google and me] My first exposure to Android was at the Google developer day in London in September 2008. Dan Morrill gave an introduction to Android talk, some concerns were raised about application trust, I offered a cryptographic signing solution, he asked for my business card, and I didn’t hear much after that. I wasn’t too concerned because Android was a hot thing, and Google later hired Reto Meier as the android developer advocate in London, and given that Reto wrote one of the first truly useful Android developer guides I could see why he would be a natural choice, so I thought nothing more of it, and started hacking away at some Android projects including AndAppStore.