Advent T9610 Drivers

I’ve seen some requests for drivers for the Advent T9610, as I have one of these I can post the following list of drivers which I have confirmed are compatible with the T9610;

  • Base Chipset : Intel P35/G33/G31, drivers available from here.
  • IDE Driver : Intel ICH 9, drivers available form here.
  • Ethernet Adapter : Intel 82566DC-2, drivers available from here
  • Sound : Realtek HD Audio, drivers available from here.

Note :Some T9610’s are shipped with incorrect processor information. When you open the device manager and look at the processors you should see four entries for a Q6600, if you see two for an E4500 and two for a Q6600 you should delete the E4500 entries rebooting between deletion. Doing this will improve how windows schedules jobs over the different cores.

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