An update on the new house

For those of you wondering how things have been progressing with the Crest Nicholson house my wife and I bought a few months ago, well here’s a quick update;

– We’ve just been asked for a 6 month snagging list, we’ve identified over 40 problems and we’re still going.
– The roof still needs repainting after the paintwork started flaking off before we moved in (the painting contractor did do a patching up job, but the paint started flaking again).
– A technician is due today to look at a loud dripping noise which comes from the roof above the bedroom every time it rains.
– A technician has been booked to fix the front door lock because it jams.
– and over the weekend we found that two of the most inaccessible windows in the house are leaking……

And thats after Crest have already fixed numerous other problems.

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