Finally I can ditch Acrobar Reader

Adobes Acrobat reader is, in my opinion, an over-hyped bloated piece of resource hungry software. I’ve had countless IE hangs that appeared to be because of it, and finally I can get rid of it to read PDFs.

 How am I going to read PDFs without it, simple, use Foxit Reader. It’s small, fast, and in two months of using 2.0 and previous version has yet to hang on me. My advice… Make the switch as soon as possible.

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  1. Shame I tried this and the first file I tried I got this….

    [malcolm@localhost ~]$ ./ReaderLinux
    Segmentation fault

    Maybe the windows version is more robust?

  2. The Windows version has shown to be rock solid for me. Did you use one of the supported distributions (i.e. Fedora 4 or SuSE 10.0) without any modifications to the core libraries?

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