It pays to talk…(or how I ended up buying a G1)

After talking to the in-store staff at the T-Mobile store in Maidstone, Kent, UK, I am now the owner of a G1 looking at a total cost of £360 ($580) which is about the price I would expect to pay for an unlocked G1

You may wonder why yesterday I was looking figures that were twice that amount, well, it’s a mixture of good fortune and good customer service. I explained my situation to the in-store staff and they explained they could offer me a “£20 per month for 18 months” contract or a “£30 per month for 12 months” contract (both of which have a total cost of £360), but I would have to pay more for the ‘phone.

I opted for the £30 per month tariff, thinking the ‘phone might be about £100 or £150, but when they rang up the cost of the G1 and it came up as £0… yes, free. The staff verified it with someone on the phone who agreed to let the sale go through.

So now I have a G1 at a price I was happy to pay, on a contract that won’t leave me stuck with an also-ran if new Android phones appear and gain market share in the next year, and added to that I am seeing reasonably OK 2G reception, it looks like most of my problems with the purchase have been resolved.

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  1. That’s very interesting. I might attempt to get the same deal. Can I ask what the details are of the tariff you got? In particular, does it come with the “web’n’walk” data option? Also, were you a T-Mobile customer already?

  2. I wasn’t a T-Mobile customer (T-Mobile reception where I live is pretty iffy).

    The plan is a Combi 25 + Web’n’Walk, the two have a minimum contract period of 12 months.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I went to a T-Mobile shop this morning but had no such luck.

    I can’t remember the figures exactly, but I think for the £30/12 months tariff they said I would have to pay an extra £130 for the phone. I tried to get the salesman to ring it up and see what the computer said, but he wouldn’t budge because he had a freshly printed off price list in front of him that said £130. £490 for the phone + 18 months of service is still a pretty decent price I think, but I’ll keep scouring eBay for a while for “unwanted upgrades”, and see where the prices there go.

  4. Hello again. I just thought I’d add some more information for anyone else who comes across this article:

    I decided later on Saturday that it was indeed a good deal even with the £130 for the phone, so I went back in the afternoon to another T-Mobile shop and signed up. When it got to paying for the phone itself I heard the salesman say that it had come up as £0, but he just added a manual price correction to put it back to £130. Oh well.

    Also, I’m on the same Combi 25 + web’n’walk tariff as you. I was surprised that I didn’t get “web’n’walk Plus”, because it seemed from looking at the T-Mobile web site that that’s the one that is included with the G1 tariffs (the Plus version is desirable, because you don’t get HSDPA on the basic version of web’n’walk). I sent them an e-mail today asking about that, and I got a call this afternoon saying that it was in fact the wrong tariff and I should have web’n’walk Plus for the same price. They said they’d switch it over and refund my first month’s payment for the inconvenience, which I was quite impressed by!

  5. Yeah i was looking at the £31.50/month (website only) with free web’n’walk plus (with 3gb faair use) +8gb memory card + free phone, my brother bought it yesterday thinking of doing the same but also looking at the X1 on o2 which is £35/month and £96 for the phone with only 500mb a month free web bolt-ons and no youtube or flash but the phone looks very nice and it runs on windows mobile 6.1.

    oh well, we will see in a few days after i check out the g1 that should be delivered soon.

    see ya!!

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